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What is the Collective Warp?

The Collective Warp Project within the Guild maintains a selection of floor looms which are kept warped and ready and on which members can weave their own rag rugs. A fee is charged per inch of warp used and goes into a fund to provide for future warps.

How Can I Participate?

Before using the rug looms members must first complete the Rag Rug Basics course, where they will learn everything they need to know to prepare their weft and to weave on the floor looms. The class is offered several times a year. If you are interested in taking the class check in the Class Offerings book in the studio to find out when the next class will be offered. Or in the near future check the Class Calendar here on the website.

Lots to Learn!

Rug weavers also have the opportunity to learn sectional warping techniques and how to tie on an existing warp by working on the looms used for the Collective Warp. 

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