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Class and Workshop Information

BFAG offers two types of classes:

  • In-house classes taught by BFAG members

  • Specialty workshops taught by out-of-town instructors

The Bisbee Fiber Arts Guild schedules a variety of workshops throughout the year.  Classes are listed here on our website.  Full information about classes can also be found here on the website under "class listings". 


Sign up online on the "online registration" page.


The Rag Rug Basics class which is required for members wishing to weave on our Collective Warp floor looms is offered a couple of times a season.  


We encourage members to offer suggestions for desired classes. We also encourage members to teach classes and share their knowledge. Classes are typically during the week when the shop is closed; however, we encourage classes on weekends and nights to accommodate members who have to work.​  Propose a class on the "Teach a Class" page on the website OR contact a BFAG Board member.


In addition, the guild offers the studio space for private instruction in which the instructor pays for the use of the studio and equipment. These classes are not advertised through the guild. Instructors must ensure that the private classes do not conflict with other guild activities.


Here's how to sign up to take a class:

Use the "Online Registration" page to sign-up online.

  • notify the instructor in timely manner if unable to take the class.

  • we welcome feedback so that we may continue to improve our class experiences.


Class Cancellation and refunds:

  • If the class is cancelled by BFAG, the full amount will be refunded.

  • If a student fails to show up for the class, the deposit will be forfeited.

  • If a BFAG instructor cancels a class, which required a material fee or deposit, that fee will be fully refunded to the student.

  • Students should discuss any problems with attendance with the instructor.


We often invite well-known out-of-town instructors to hold workshops at our guild. You will find these listings on the website class listings and on our calendar.

These classes are offered several times per year.  BFAG tries to keep costs as reasonable as possible by applying for grants to help offset travel and instruction costs. 

Non-guild members are invited to attend if there are open spaces once our membership has signed up. See the class listings for more specific details. 

Guild members are notified of these classes via our guild email service or on this website.


Private classes are encouraged in the guild. Contact the class coordinator to arrange.

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