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Bisbee Fiber Arts Guild

A community of weavers, spinners, and fiber artists in Bisbee, Arizona


Happy Summer Break! Next meeting September.

We are on break for the summer, but not a break from creating.  We have a summer challenge!

This is open to all members.  The challenge is to make something out of fabric that is in the rug room at the studio.  This includes the sock loops and the big container of denim.


Rules of challenge 

1.Your item has to be made of at least 50% of fabric from the rug room.  


2. Multiple items may be entered.  No limits!


3.Does not have to be a rug, can be anything you make.


4.Has to be made between May 5 2024 and September 8 2024.


Judging will be done at our Sept. 8th meeting by our members.


1st place will be $25.00 cash

2nd place will be up to 60inches of warp on one of the guilds collective warp looms. 

3rd place is your choice on any raffle item.

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Below are some highlights from our Facebook page.

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